Friday, August 30, 2013

free fuglies

my friend lucy-angel of charm about you has organized another fugly fabric swap. if you have any fabrics that have been sitting around unloved and unused for too long you can help them find a new home anywhich way you choose and link up to the party to offer them to other sewers/quilters who can love them more than you could.

my offerings were internet orders that didn't look the way i expected when they came or some joann sale purchases before i really sewed at all. i know someone else can do something cute with them, i am just not interested in holding on to them. getting the shelf space back would be nice!

Chinese takeout - there is at least a yard each of these

merry Christmas! - 1 yd ea
found a home

a lonely piece that is cute but has no mates. looks a bit dark and grey here, but is more of a light blue. the print is large (see snips at top for reference)

i would like to send them off at least in the groups they are photographed in, but if you really are dying for something, i'll break it up. am offering each individually or collectively, whatever you want, to anyone in the domestic USA who asks for them. sorry, but this time i can't ship international (unless you are Lucy b., Liz g., or Deborah g. and really want something) because i don't want to pay big bucks to dispose of them. i don't mind sending them regular US postage, though.

so if you see something you like, ask away! please make sure you are not a no-reply blogger or that you leave me your email or i won't have any way to contact you and will have to offer them to someone else.

even if you don't have any fuglies or want any, stop by and wish lucy-angel a happy bloggy 2nd birthday. she's got some great giveaways going to celebrate. tell her "hi" for me!


  1. I would love all three if they are available. I'm working on a scrappy hexagon quilt and they would fit right in. :)

  2. Hi. I would love to have the bright pastels fat quarter set or the not designer fabrics from JoAnns. Thank you so much.

  3. I don't want them, but you are so sweet mentioning me - thankyou :-)

  4. Thank you for joining in Hydee! Happy destashing :) Thanks for mentioning me too but I probably wouldn't use them.

  5. You are posting like crazy woman! I can't keep up :-)

  6. I love the Christmas fabric, thank you.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com


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