Tuesday, March 27, 2012

kelly's at christmas

long past the season, but i wanted to share this. our sewing teacher, kelly hendrickson, had her studio decked out for the holidays and some really fun christmas projects available. i ducked in with my camera long enough to snap some of her inspiring decor and the kids at work.

kelly, on the left, and a few other students

even the dress dummy was festive
daughter #1 at the ironing board
there are several project options hanging from the shelf in front of her
not holiday decor, but more cute project displays
daughter #1 is going to make that bear soon

the boy at work

he was really crazy about this "elf" stocking. his fabric selections gave it a very jester-type look, i think. pretty loud and wild, just like his crazy-fun personality. he also made an apron for his dad so dad could stop wearing the frilly "girly" yellow apron he usually cooks sunday waffles in. i kinda think the mr. is cute in that apron, but like that our son made him one, too.

my girls also made a few gifts during december sewing classes: pj pants and luxury drawstring bags for siblings. sewing class and gifts all in one swoop, that was something i really liked. i didn't enforce a mandatory handmade christmas this year because of the new baby and all, but i didn't really have to because many of their ideas were things to sew for each other anyway. it's definitely catching on. they often refer to our handmade gift giving in 2010 with fondness and seem to be naturally gravitating in that direction the more experience they get with crafting.

one last bit of creative holiday decor i discovered at home:
someone made an angel for the kids tinsel tree out of american girl mini josephina in her night shift with a baubble in her hand and a shiny ball around her neck, taped to the top of the tree. love, love, love!

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