Thursday, October 13, 2011

4sq no. 9

i managed to finish off the next 4sq for my really cute friend, becca. i started the blanket stitching on it at the beginning of october while watching general conference, but hadn't picked it up for about a week. however, when i found out becca would be bringing dinner over to us tonight, i started stitching like mad to finish it off so i could give it to her while she was here. i nearly made it in time, doing the last few stitches while she waited. i took some quick and sloppy photos before i was done. too bad i don't have better shots because this is one of my favorite blankets so far, made with heather bailey fabrics. gee, i sure adore those heather bailey fabrics!

like i said, really terrible photo. the blanket's all wrinkled and poorly hung, not to mention my kids' toys in the shot. you'd never know i had just started to take a really wonderful on-line photography course. these shots are in no way a reflection of ashley ann's terrific snapshop class! i was just majorly pressed for time.

i picked a pink for the edging, but am not sure i'm happy with my choice. there were about 5 pinks in the fabrics, and the pink floral print was more purply/lipsticky colored (how's that for technical and accurate color description) than the pinks in the sunflower and primrose tile prints. but i really wanted pink because i liked the way it contrasted with the cute green and white flannel i found at joann. red was another choice from all three floral prints, but i thought it was too christmasy on the the green flannel. i could have gone with a nice yellow, too, but opted for more contrast. so much thought into one detail that didn't even turn out perfectly!

so becca finally got her baby's blanket and i got an absolutely delicious mexican chicken soup for dinner. it wasn't meant to be a trade, but i'm sure happy with my end. since i'm on bedrest, the relief society (women's organization) in my church ward (congregation) has been voluntarliy bringing in dinner to us twice a week. we would have survived without the meals, but it has been a nice relief for my husband to not have to think about or prep meals on those nights. and we've had some seriously good meals! i'm grateful for the service and thoughtfulness of all the ladies who have contributed. and especially glad becca signed up to bring dinner tonight because her soup was amazing, i got a chance to see and chat with her, and finally turned over the baby blanket. her baby's almost 4 months old already and i've had the fabric since march. feels good to have completed it! thanks again, becca. (and everyone else, too.)

two to four more weeks to go! then i either have a baby or get to get out of bed until she comes.


  1. i LOVE love love the sweet 4 square blanket! You are too kind. I am glad you liked my soup. hope it wasn't too spicy. :) I was happy to help your family and you!
    take care and can't wait to meet baby girl.

  2. Love it! I'm really liking the blanket stitch now that I seem to have it down. I just used it on tshirt appliqu├ęs. Can't believe your baby will be here so soon!


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