Saturday, October 1, 2011

4 sq blanket no. 8

while listening to general conference today, i finished off no. 8, my second boy blanket.

this was for daughter #2's primary (sunday school) teacher and i let her select the fabrics as well as sew the top.

we used a brown polka dot on blue ground flannel for the backing and i did the blanket stitch in a brown that matched the brown stripe in the stripey square. whenever there are multiple shades of a color in the blanket i have a hard time selecting which one to use, but it usually works out just fine since there are already so many colors and shades involved anyway. i used to be a strict color/shade matcher. not anymore.

while i finished the blanket, daughter #2 sewed her sock monkey's arms and ears on. too bad she can't locate the tail. tomorrow she'll add the muzzle and i'll blanket stitch no.9 while we watch the sunday sessions of general conference for inspiration and nourishment of the soul variety.

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