Thursday, October 13, 2011

quilt book winner

it's been more than ten days and only one person commented on quilting, but what the heck. becky you get the book anyway! so please send me your address to my email (under the mouse on the left sidebar). can't wait to see what unique quilts you turn out under jane's inspiration.

and, please, no one tell jane i only had one entry. that is mostly a reflection of my readership size and interest, NOT jane or her wonderful book. because if more of her fans had known i was offering that book, i would have been swamped with entries. too bad for them, lucky for becky.

1 comment:

  1. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe i missed this post because i was checking frequently! the last week has been such a blur. i am so excited and i love your blog and creations. if it makes you feel any better i just sponsered a giveaway and only had one entry until the night of the giveaway and then had 3 more (and all 4 are local friends!). you think people would be more interested in free stuff! i can't wait to get the book! i just bought green cynthia rowely sheets for $7 last night with the intent to use it for quilt backing!! thank you so much hydee!!!


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