my beliefs

I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

This is my sewing blog - a place to talk about quilts and fabric and what I make. But who I am is ultimately because of my savior Jesus Christ and I would be remiss if I did not make mention of Him even in my sewing space. I want His goodness to permeate every part of me and what I do.

Everything good about me and everything good in my life is because of Jesus Christ. I believe not only that He lived, but that He lives today. This means everything to me.

I believe His gospel to be the pathway to happiness and peace in this life and to eternal life in the world to come.

I believe He lived a perfect life here as an example for us and that He died so that each and every one of us can overcome the imperfections of this life through repentance made available because of His infinite Atonement. He forgives us again, and again, and again. He has ultimate patience and mercy if we will but reach out and follow Him. No one can fall too far, too fast, or too hard for Him to reach. No one.

I also believe He took His life back up, conquering death and the grave. Because of this, we will all live again someday in perfected, immortal bodies like our Father's and our Savior's.

I believe this life is one phase of our eternal journey to become like our Savior Jesus Christ and His father, our Heavenly Father. Life started before we gained physical bodies here and will continue on after we leave these mortal bodies behind.

I believe families are an essential and eternal part of our Father's plan of happiness for His children. In holy temples, husbands and wives can be sealed for time and eternity, and generations of families are linked together forever. This blessing is available to anyone who lives now and through our Father's infinite mercy, by proxy work, to any who have lived before. No one is left out unless they choose to be.

I believe the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon to be two companion witnesses to the life and teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ. One is a record of His dealings with the Jews, the other a record of His dealings with ancient inhabitants of the American continents. Both teach of Him, both lead to Him, both bless my life immensely. I know them to be the word of God.

I believe our Father and His Son to be full of mercy and infinite love. One is our Father, the other an elder brother who is one with our Father in purpose and intent, who does nothing but the will of His Father and for the glory of that Father. All they have done and all they do are for our ultimate good and happiness.

I believe the fullness of Jesus Christ's gospel has been restored to the earth, is available today. Parts of His truth are in so many places and inspire many to do much good. I love the goodness I see everywhere in so many Christians and non-Christians alike. All that is good cometh of God.

I also believe the fullness of His gospel, those essential truths and ordinances that might be missing elsewhere, are gathered together in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Along with that fullness, the authority to act in God's name, the Holy Priesthood, is once again available.

I believe this fullness of Christ's gospel and the formal organization of Christ's church was restored to mankind through a prophet called of God for this purpose: Joseph Smith.

I believe there is a living prophet on the earth today, who communes with God and guides any and all who will follow God's will for us in the modern day. This prophet's name is Thomas Spencer Monson. In addition, God has called twelve apostles to minister to mankind just as He did anciently.

I believe in the essential importance of agency, the ability to choose for one's self. No one can or should be forced into any belief or practice. We can not change or alter eternal truths, but we can chose whether or not to believe in or follow them. Everyone has this right.

I believe in patience, tolerance, forgiveness, and love.

I believe in clean and virtuous living as the means to true happiness for mankind.

I believe in focusing on the good in people, in celebrating our commonalities rather than our differences.

I believe these things to be true because God has spoken to my heart and spirit through His Holy Spirit. He can do the same for you if you honestly seek Him with true intent.

I am not perfect. I fail every day to live up to my ideals. But I believe in repenting and trying again. God is loving and patient with us. We should be so with ourselves and each other.

This is the foundation of what I believe, what I know to be true because I have lived it. If you have any interest in what I've said or would like to know more, please ask me.

If you don't agree with me, I respect that and ask you to respect my right to live and believe as I choose. I don't feel a need to argue or debate anything I've said. I'm not asking you to change, but I do invite you to learn more if you'd honestly like to know or understand. Regardless, let's find what we have in common, even if it's just needles and thread or an obsession with fabric, and be friends based on that!

Sincerely, Hydee Ann


  1. I could not have said it better myself! The Lord is their to help carry us when we need a helping hand or there to just listen to our different than our earthly parents. I truly believe that he gives us trials to strengthen our character and help us learn so that we may in turn teach others what we have learned from our own earthly trials. May God, our brother Jesus and the Holy spirit be with you every day and may you have many blessings for it!
    Nicole Music

  2. I could not have said it better myself! Our heavenly father is there to carry us when we need a helping hand and there to listen when we need someone to hear us. No different than with our earthly parents. I believe our heavenly Father gives us trials so that we may build our character, learn what is being taught and so we may share what we have learned with others struggling with similar situations. May God, our brother Jesus, and the Holy Ghost be with you every day and may your struggles be lessened by his presence in your heart and home.

  3. Wow, I didn't know that you were LDS until just now. I loved your quilts and started following you, and then tonight I was reading about your DD getting wet. I admit I had to laugh, cause been there done that was a staple at our house of 7 children. Well on the header of your blog it kept calling my name to the "my beliefs" tab. So I was intrigued and went looking. I really loved what you wrote, so well done and from the heart. We have become inactive due to distance really. My DH drives to work 5 days a week about 56 miles each way, and some time's we have to go to town for needs again 56 miles each way. So of course the only ward house is where? Yes 56 miles away each way. We just can't do it, financially the gas bill of #45 every two days is killing us. And then after doing it all week it's hard to want to drive again. So we just slumped off. We are the only members in our small town of 1200 ish, we don't even have a red light or fast food! My DH was born in Utah and I am a convert after moving to Utah from Florida. So this is the first time we have really been far away from home in our married life. But just know that your posting about your beliefs, maybe a missionary moment for members as well as non-members. Thanks for reminding me why we should make the effort again.

  4. I am a Baptist and a follower of Jesus who does not promise us and easy life but that he will walk beside us and carry us through. We are all sinners and through him we are forgiven.
    You are definitely gifted with the gift of writing.
    You couldn't have wrote a better post! Thank you for including it in your blog.
    God Bless

  5. I am a Christian too, a Catholic. I believe in Jesus Christ as my savior. I am glad to see this on your post. It is good to know that other women follow Christ and feel the importance of God and family in this age of unbelief.


  6. Well said...I started your quilt a year or so ago...have all my pieces ready to put together, just have to get back to it!!

  7. Praise to our Lord Jesus!! Thanks for posting this :) I too am a follower of our Lord and thank him for others like you.

  8. Hi, I am so so so glad that I found you who love God, the Temple, the BOM, and quilting! I am a LDS from Kaohsiung Taiwan. I just started to quilt. I watched a lot of YouTube videos trying to learn how to quilt. I just love your quilts!


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