Monday, February 19, 2024

citrus season, again

i went into my sewing room to start something new because i needed a creative break, but then i (wisely, reasonably) decided to work on this old wip instead. 

i have this pile of valentine's fabrics i've wanted to make into a quilt sitting just off my pressing board for a few years now, and since it was only valentine's a few days ago, it's still february, and i'm still noshing off our family's valentine's dinner candy bar, i was in the mood for some pink and red.

but, i thought about how march is right around the corner and it would be nice to have this spring-y, citrus-colored quilt put together. maybe i can even take it with me on our spring break trip to handbind. that is asking a lot, but it's not impossible.

this "citrus season" quilt was originally my march version for my "stella grande" quilt series (started way back in 2017! seven years ago! talk about a time speed warp). first it was on hold because my original background color didn't work.

then, somewhere along the way i did the maths for the border incorrectly and that needed fixing. i oversized the hsts for the border pinwheels by quite a lot. 

i finally worked out that i didn't have to make all new ones, i could just trim them down after pressing them open. it's an unfortunate waste of fabric, but not too much.

i was resolved to all the pressing and trimming (not exciting, rather monotonous work) when i accidentally turned my bloc-loc ruler the wrong way and messed up these two hsts. i almost despaired and gave up, because i had no idea how i was going to match the solids and didn't want to do all the work for two little cuttings.

fortunately, i noticed my neat piles of colored scraps leftover from all the "stella grandes," and i found large enough pieces of both colors right away. whew! that was a relief.

i thought i had all the pieces for the border all sewn up and ready to become hsts and pinwheels, but as i got making, it seems maybe not. i have more of some than others. maybe some are missing? or maybe i have too many? i'll know soon.

if i am short, i'll just figure that out. i definitely still have scraps of the exact fabrics. i was just really hoping to be done with this part and don't look forward to circling back to the beginning of cutting more pieces for hsts. 

at least i can cut them the correct size this time!

my favorite part of this quilt is probably acutally the back, which is saying a lot because i really do like the colors of the top. but all the citrusy pieces i picked out are just so good that i want to make a different quilt with them, too.

and then there is that gorgeous sandi henderson "meadowsweet" rose print in just the right colors that will be the focus piece of the backing. soooo pretty. it's part of what's motivating me to finish the quilt.

Turns out I am not short on pinwheels, but now they are done, I don’t love them as a border. That was an evening’s work to get them made. I suppose I can use them in another related pinwheel quilt instead. Yay, it’s already half started! Happy two-for-one mistake, I guess?

I like this stripe border instead. It keeps the feel of the quilt that I want. The pinwheels were just screaming at me with their loud, contrasty boldness. These still feel festive and lively, but not distracting. 

In the small photo, the effect is lessened, but I know what I’m seeing in person. And how strange is the change in the lighting in my piano room just a few minutes apart?

searching the blog, i realize i never really posted much about this particular "stella grande" in the midst of the rest. i did put some photos up on instagram as i got started.

this is my original backing pull. such happy colors and pretty prints together. i still love this.

don't the trimmings look like citrus pith and zest?

this really is a good quilt. i'm looking forward to having it complete and snugglable.

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