Wednesday, April 5, 2017

wip wednesday 8.13

i miss freshly pieced's wip wednesday link party. don't you?

there's nowhere to link up, but i'm going to post a wip wednesday report for nostalgia's sake today.

the top photo is my "piecing wip pile." but it's actually more like a pile of things that are too big to put away in my sewing room and need to be spread out on the piano parlour floor.

  • on bottom is "guys and dolls" stella grande quilt. fully pieced and basted (yay), needs quilting
  • off to the upper right are my giant swoon pieces - definitely still in the piecing stage
  • on top is the latest stella grande version, "citrus and sky," which currently has me stumped. i'm not loving the blue background. this quilt is lacking a certain dynamic interplay of value and color the previous ones had. it's going to stay put while i do some other piecing instead.

and this is the "binding wip pile." can you believe i have four quilts in this pile? some kind of record for me, this is. especially since one quilt was completed over the weekend and removed from the pile!

  • the top quilt, "star of the circus" only had about a foot of binding left for completion
  • penny patch 2.0 has a binding roll that needs sewing on (teal strip fabric up top)
  • "love all around" quilt needs it's binding cut
  • "dorothy's girls," my indian summer quilt, has binding cut, but not pieced (that ocher strip on top)
of course there is cutting waiting all over the place. 
so many projects niggling away at my brain right now. 
so little time. 

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  1. You have all sorts of wonderful works in progress!! :-) What have you determined about the citrus quilt?? You're right - it lacks the punch the others have and doesn't really feel citrusy. I wonder if maybe the blues are too dark?? hmmmm... I am loving that stack of to be bound quilts!!

    Julie from is starting up a 2nd and 4th Wed WIP linky!! I've missed Lee's link up, too.

    Oh hey - question ~ what (not low volume) Art Gallery fabric(s) would go well with Sleeping Porch?? (and what are you doing with your bundle? or do you know yet?? When I remembered that I hadn't spent my birthday money (from last Sept!) I ordered a FQ bundle yesterday :-) Now I am trying to figure out how to make the most of it)
    ~ T


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