Wednesday, March 3, 2021

WIP wednesday 2021.9

for many people, the pandemic conditions of the past year have meant a lot of extra down time at home to focus on hobbies or learning new skills. it was one of the positives in a strange, suddenly jumbled new world. 

however, for me, the opposite was true. even though we're homeschoolers and already home a lot, having all of us home all the time for-reals, plus the added stresses and requirements of quarantine conditions, meant i basically said "goodbye" to quilting. 

i did treasure the added focus on family and time together, but there were the days when i thought, "can i just go quarantine in my sewing room like everyone else seems to be doing?"

if you browse the few posts here or my instagram account for last year, you'll see i did very little sewing ever. but one thing i did manage to do was quilt and trim a stack of quilts, as well as make the bindings for them.

this past saturday, i suddenly found myself with a few spare hours and decided to get some of those bindings put on by machine so i could do the handwork portion as opportunities arose. they were so close to being done and i didn't want to have them sitting around for several more months unfinished.

besides, the living room needed an infusion of new quilts and colors, and i knew where to find some fast.

three quilts i wanted for spring/summer service got their bindings attached.

somehow, i managed to get the first quilt, collins, completely bound by sunday night. don't look at me! i have no idea how that happened. d3 and i did some catching up on wandavision episodes and watched newsies on saturday night, and then i snuck some stitches in while waiting for a church meeting and during family games on sunday night. 


two days.

that's absolutely a first for me.

monday and tuesday evening, the girls and i watched north and south and i took the next quilt, sunny geese, along to some appointments. 

well, it got done yesterday evening.

here we are on  wednesday and it's time to report what's in progress: summer berry fields went along to the dentist this morning and is on its way now, too.

who am i?
apparently, i'm the lady who's going to have 3 quilts bound and finished this week.

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  1. all three quilts are beautiful
    Yes, I agree with you completely about the quarantine life. Mine was also complicated
    Life as a caregiver to my daddy did not change, it just involved more of a struggle getting into his apartment complex. Apparently my status of caregiver was not high enough for their conditions so I had to push. that did not take long, but it was the less frequent visits, the delivery of items he desired, oh, just a host of things. Yes you had the homeschooling and the family home all the time, the care and feeding etc. We had our hands full. I managed to keep myself monitored adequately that I could venture off to see my 5 grand babies close by, oh! and hubbs had a quickie open heart surgery in May.
    I also got some things accomplished in the sewing room, but also, that feeling of frustration.
    I know that feeling. I have two siblings that are close by and do not help me with my father who is 97. whatever. I love my daddy.
    Those first few months though that I had to limit my visits, I also stayed home and sewed.
    Still my house looks like a disaster area... so many people have shared how this past year they purged the clutter and all sorts of inspiring accomplishments.
    I just can't go there.
    Your three accomplishments are monumental and worthy. The results are lovely
    We just keep going. I am pretty sure we have our heads on straight ❤️


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