Wednesday, June 12, 2019

procrastination quilting

this is probably my summer sign-off post.

i have several upcoming events and deadlines that have me wanting to hide in the covers all day just to avoid even thinking about them. it's all a little too much pressure and stress even though taken separately they aren't really a big deal at all. but overwhelm is kind of the modern way of living and most people can relate to the impulse toward ostrich behavior on occasion.

when times like this strike, it inevitably gets me wanting to do something productive, just not what i should be doing. that's self-defeating behavior, of course, but i know some of you can relate. "see, i'm busy! i'm doing stuff. i'm getting things done." if i haven't quilted in a while, i will get an overpowering urge to work on some quilt stuff.

quilting is probably my favorite form of productive procrastination when i should be doing something else.

in the middle of all this other chaos going on for the next few weeks, i finally got my carpets cleaned. since i couldn't walk on any of the carpets for a full day, it was the perfect time to work in my sewing room, which is in the tiled section of the house, for most of carpet cleaning holiday. my kids went to grandma's next door and i sewed.

first i made three frames/courthouse step blocks for "cheery easter quilt." once that was out of my system, i moved over to block trimming some of the 500+ 3"hst blocks i pieced and pressed for the "gypsy child hst quilt."

during all of this i was listening to middlemarch by george eliot on audible, read by juliette stevenson. (masterful reader, highly recommended, especially for classics.) this is a thick read/listen and such a great work on human relationships and foibles. it just makes me so sad every single time as i watch the characters enter doomed marriages with such high hopes and so little grasp on reality, but in the best way. there are happy parts, too, and so many juicy lines. it's my first time listening to the story and what i've been enjoying as i quilt lately.

i would love to have either of these projects fully pieced and ready for handwork over summer trips, but i don't think that's going to happen. those other nagging non-quilty deadlines and projects are looming too close.

see you at the end of summer!

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