Tuesday, March 3, 2015

what the barn was missing

 this pile of fabric has been sitting on the end of my bawthroom sewing table since december 2013. that's over a year now. it was a pull for sarah schraw's barn door quilt along. it's a different color palette than i normally work in: brown, apple green, buttery yellow. the green and yellow aren't so different for me, so i guess it's mainly the brown that's a branch out. there are some dark espresso browns and some softer chocolate ones, too. i liked the idea, but the pull kept feeling a little muted somehow and i was worried it was going to be rather boring. if and when i ever worked it up.

 i did not start the quilt along when sarah got it going and it just fell to the bottom of the "wannabe wip" pile. but it was sitting there in my bawthroom, in plain view all this time.

a few months ago, at the end of last year, i was sitting at the bathtub, bathing a baby, but also thinking about the fabric pile when what was missing finally hit me. it needed just one little punch of something to liven it up and save it from boredom. the color intensive class and my personal experience with the penny patch quilt along i did with rachel hauser last year both really helped me develop my color sense a bit more. so as i was studying the pile of fabric, i saw the missing pop - teal!

three of the fabrics already had just the tiniest bit of a teal blue in them: the deep brown floral that is outlined in teal, the ditsy art gallery print, and the green and teal piece on top. i scoured my stash and found one teal polka dot fabric that is perfect. i like how it brightens up the mix without overpowering anything. it's still a calm palette, but now it's a little more awake.

now that i unlocked the secret to this pull, i'm fully motivated to get cutting on this quilt. but first there are a few things i need to move forward.  i haven't done a wip wednesday report for a long time, so here goes.

my current state of the union for the past week:


bandwidth - complete but not photographed
auntie charming - see friday's post

in progress

indian summer blanket - four rows down, more to go
s1's wonky stacked coins quilt - 9 blocks complete; completely redesigned this week
valentine's pinwheel quilt - 4 blocks complete
easy dreaming - 40+ blocks complete, needs less than 20 more
penny patch 2.0 - still in corner of shame needing to be enlarged
bloom where you are planted - needs basting
sugar block club - still lost in feb 2014
hst diamond quilt - untouched
gypsy wife - um, in progress
epp - 21 wheels complete

trips to the store


internet activity

purchased half yards of "folk song" and several moda bella solids charm packs

linking up with lee's wip wednesday at freshly pieced


  1. Hey! I just ordered half yards of Folk Song too :-) And several of the pieces (though not as many as I'd anticipated) ended up my fabric pull for my next quilt. Which I am getting anxious to start on, because quilting the B&W is getting quite tedious.
    (The addition of the teal is fab.)

  2. That teal looks like the perfect addition! I have a pile of fabric like that that is outside of my normal colors. I'll be sure to take another look at it and see what I could add to make it pop!

  3. Ah yes, the teal is perfect! so, if not a barn door, what are your plans for this lovely little bundle now? Linda

  4. I've been avoiding doing a full report for a REALLY long time!!! Head fully in the sand here ;) That will make the most gorgeous barn door quilt and the addition of the teal is so perfect!

  5. That's one heck of a list ... Phew! I need to start finishing - just have to find a way to put some extra hours in the day!
    Loving the teal polka dots - great addition ;)

  6. The color teal is a wonderful addition to the fabrics!!


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