Monday, September 29, 2014

girls weekend quilt

 this year for my family's annual girls weekend, i volunteered to spearhead a humanitarian project for the ladies. there were several ideas running through my head, but the easiest idea won out for me: make super-simple quilts for project linus. i culled a pile of of fat quarters from my stash for 4sq blankets and brought along my box of lime/aqua/black&white fabrics i ordered months ago so we could all work on one quilt together. then i loaded half my suburban with the required gear to work on said quilts. and my son opened the back window and my little brother machine fell out. and we had so many great things going at girls weekend that we never really did much sewing at all. isn't that just how it goes sometimes?

however, on sunday afternoon, the final hour of our event, two of my seesters and some of the middle girls made four patch blocks for the quilt. the blocks are composes of 5" squares and i plan to alternate the blocks with 9.5" squares for an easy top. since we currently only have 6 completed blocks, this weekend the girls will be getting together again while the men attend the priesthood session of general conference and everyone should get a chance to sew their block at that time. all those fat quarters for 4sq blankets will just get tucked away for another day. maybe even next year's girls weekend. at least i now have a plan for all those fat quarters.

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  1. its fun to have plans, but also to be able to just go with the flow and see where things lead. This is such a pretty colour palette xx


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