Wednesday, September 10, 2014

line upon line

home at last and got to turn on juki come friday night. i was deligthed to see she's still alive and kickin' after the long slumber. what with trying to recover and catch up from the travels, i didn't get any friday morning quilting time in. maybe next week. but i did settle down to some stitching for friday night sew along on instagram. i have quite a few projects on the cusp of being finished, so it was hard to pick. however, i settled on s2's last-christmas quilt, which is in the "needs quilting" que. you can see i managed all of three lines of stitching.

i'm going for randomly spaced straight line stitching for this quilt. also, using two or three colors. goodness, i forgot how hard it is to stitch a straight line! it's even harder when you are interrupted every 3 to 5 minutes by children who need something only you can get, the doorbell, and the telephone. i was on and off the machine for over two hours. by the looks of my output, i'd say i was more off than on. but it was a start.

little quilting chores make for big quilting finishes, right?

perhaps this week i'll get another few inches along.
if the doorbell and telephone stopping ringing.

linking up with lee's wip wednesday at freshly pieced


  1. Hahaha I know just what you mean about the interruptions! I agree about straight lines too, they can be hard! I love that cute rabbit/hamster/random blobby creature print :)

  2. slow and steady wins the race! I love that cute orange fabric too :-)

  3. You're so funny. Wishing you every success with 'no interruptions'.


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