Tuesday, September 27, 2011


just a few random items in my sewing world today:

1. my seester, katee, came over to cut hair. since i couldn't go downstairs with everyone else, i had her do mine in my bawthroom. apparently she's never seen my sewing space because when she saw it she said, "oh, is that your blanket-making station?" totally made me laugh the way she expressed that.

2. fabricworm has such great selection. i'm growing increasingly impressed with their offerings. and those bundles they put together are fabulous! if i needed something else to sew, i'd buy one today because they are so well put together and inspiring. but i don't need one. not yet. maybe i should give one away, for fun. (except that no one reads this blog anymore, if they ever did, and i don't really care. about the readership. the people who read, yes, if they read, no. and i DO like doing giveaways and spreading the fabric love around.) a sample of some of their custom bundles:

3. this interview with joel dewberry (a designer i totally dig) at stitched in color was so interesting. what he had to say about color selection for handmade products made me laugh becasue i think he's dead on, at least it applies to me.

"within the world of fabric consumers are buying with the intent to create something to complement their home, their wardrobe or their life. This requires effort and more often than not, they err on the side of bold with the hopes their creations will be noticed. I believe they are often drawn to fabric that is bolder than what they might otherwise purchase in a finished good. Like us all, they enjoy the recognition and satisfaction associated with having created something by yourself and they appreciate the attention it will bring them."

it's true. i'm sometimes shocked at what i purchase fabric-wise. i'm much more conservative in my pre-made purchases. i think i like the idea of taking risks with something i'm making more than with something already made.

4. aaahhhh! i have more than enough sewing and craft books, but guess who just announced a book forethcoming in january? the talented little firecracker, miss v of v. and co.

5. i found some online tutorials for doing patchwork by hand. i'm starting a new bit on my sidebar to keep track of any good tutorials i find.

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