Friday, September 16, 2011

doll dr.

so, i have been sewing some, just not posting about it. can't manage both now that school's back in business (i homeschool). i did get a whole weekend's staycation to myself over labor day, too, in which i planned to sew my little heart out in my empty, quiet nest. but i scrapbooked instead. i've done that even less than sewing this year. it was nice. it made me realize maybe one of the reasons i'm rather unmotivated to sew is that most of the projects i need to get to immediately are for other people, not myself or my little ones. sure, i want to get those gifts done, but with so much going on in my life, getting around to them takes a backseat to what really is important around here.

what i have done sewing-wise in the last month:
  • 4sq baby blanket #7 is complete, but not photographed.
  • finally begun removing the border from "taite" quilt so i can redo it and get moving on that quilt
  • spent 45 minutes handsewing one whole patch on my husband's scout leader shirt (he's only been a leader for 3 years!) just 10 or so patches to go.
  • reattached my daughter's doll's head for the second time

i have no idea how to properly do this. sure wish i knew one of those toy specialists like the one who fixes up woody in toy story 2 because i've got a few babies who could sure use some airbrushing. (until i got around to fixing this one, she looked like a victim of sid from toy story 1!) but it doesn't take an expert to look at something and just go for it the best you can figure. i could tell the neck stem needed to be reinserted into the body and that the fabric of the body needed to go into the groove at the bottom of the head, then be cinched tighter. so that's what i did.

our surgery scar is not pretty, but she's a modest dolly and always covered up at the neck, so no one will notice. all we care about is that she is back in one piece. and it only took about five minutes total to get her back together.

we've got several corolle dolls, those lovely french playmates that smell of vanilla and are so wonderfully made. this is the only one who's head has ever fallen off and she survived quite a few years of love and play before that happened. her neckline has been compromised now, so i wasn't surprised when she needed a follow-up surgery to the first one she had a few years ago. we just made do and fixed her right up as best we could. she's all set to rejoin her sisters and enjoy some more play.

sewing comes in handy. and you don't have to know exactly how to perfectly do something to make do. just go for it!

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