Friday, February 17, 2023

up to something sunny

crummy indoor lighting photos coming up!

i have a lot of quilt ideas running around in my brain the last several weeks. i've been busting my tail, squeezing a lot of quilting time in lately and working fiendishly fast when i'm at it, but i can't even come close to keeping up with the ideas. the other evening one of them came out in the form of a new start. (i think my wip list is at 26 or so now.) some scraps i intended to use in one of my ideas were close to the cutting table, and i just sort of went ahead and cut them along with what i was already working on.

and then i sewed them together.

bless me, i've started another quilt!

can you tell from the opening teaser photo what i'm up to?

hint: it's a pattern i've used before and is going to be a companion quilt to one of our recent family room favorites around here.

this first block should give at least the first answer about pattern away.

here's the first cuts for the quilt it's meant to companion. do you get it now?

as i've been working on the low-volume crossroads quilt, i've been thinking of how it might be a good pattern for another sunny yellow and white quilt. we all really like the "sunny geese" quilt and i've been wanting to make something else in the same palette to add some more sunshine when needed around here. it just makes us happy to see its bright face, so i wanted to make another sunny quilt.

a treehouse crossroads seemed the obvious choice.

so the other night when i was working on some more low-volume blocks, i just went ahead and started cutting yellow and white pieces, too. i don't intend to have this finished right away, but starting it while i was already in the crossroads mood seemed like a reasonable idea.

uou're going to need to start if you want to get to a finish, so start all the quilts you want to finish, is my philosophy.

this sunny crossroads is slightly different than my previous two as i'm working in pairs this time. my plan is to alternate yellow blocks with white blocks the way i paired yellow and white hsts to make my sunny geese. so i'm making one white block and one yellow block from each fabric pairing.

low-volume crossroads is still going strong, never you fear.

in fact, i completed the final 12 blocks over the weekend. a joined flimsy is coming soon.

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  1. Loving the sunny crossroads quilt in progress...wecold sure use some sunshine around here...;))) hugs, Julierose


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