Monday, August 26, 2019

maude’s binding

Some quilting choices don’t come easily or quickly. I auditioned several binding options for “Maude’s Chevron Peaks” quilt over a course of weeks before I finally found what I wanted. I tried reds, blues, yellows, and black-and-white stripes, but either the colors were off or the pattern was too distracting.

Finally, I found two fat quarters of this slightly faded, vintage-y red stripe. Only problem was I couldn’t be sure it was enough fabric since this quilt was on the larger lap side of sizing.

In order to pattern match, as well as to get as much binding out of the fat quarters as I could, I opted to do straight attachment seams rather than my normal diagonal. I feel this is less sturdy and can be slightly bulkier, but it works just fine. And it’s definitely faster and easier than all those diagonal attachments!  

The chain piecing bunting looked so festive, just right for the 4th of July, which is when I was working on it. 

In fact, without meaning to, I ended up with a very patriotic flag-looking binding. The two fat quarters were a couple of inches shy of the total binding length I needed, so I grabbed another binding option I had considered and added it to the mix. It was a blue with dots on it. They weren’t stars, but when paired with the red and white stripes, the binding definitely has an Americana flag look to it.

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  1. Great choice, and I like the touch of whimsy that the blue adds.


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