Friday, October 19, 2018

some stellas

life has been in the fast lane this year and quilting hasn't been along for the ride much. i've completed 2 "stella grande" kids' christmas quilts and finished quilting 3 more. that's all there is to tell for an update.

d1 got her completed "mary, mary star contrary" quilt just days before she left for an 18-month stint as a service volunteer in eastern europe. we got some fun photos on the road that should be shared in their own post someday.

that same weekend (the first of april) while at our cabin, i almost finished off "radiant suzy", d3's stella grande quilt, too. but i had to leave about a foot or two undone.

in june, i took "radiant suzy" along with us on a trip to the iconic biltmore mansion in ashville, nc, and finished it there on d3's 12th birthday. that turned out to be pretty special and made for a good photo shoot location for the quilt. maybe someday that will become a post of its own, too.

between june and september, i didn't lay a stitch to anything, anywhere. then i got to work on some more quilting on my juki. there are now 3 quilts quilted and one on the machine. yay! my pile of flatlay quilts on the piano room floor has been reduced by half and i've created a new pile of folded quilts that need binding on a chair in the same room.

once again, i've used chunky 12wt aurifil thread for some nice contrast and a handstitched feel. it works so well with the simple straightline quilting of this pattern.

they sure feel like quilts now! just a few binding sessions and they will be free to be loved and snuggled by their recipients. unfortunately, when i got all the fabric for the quilt tops i didn't also get binding yardage. i'll be needing to make a trip to the store for that soon.

time at my machine and a trip to the fabric store? i might still be a quilter after all.

home renovations have been the main cause for the quilting hiatus. phase one should be done by the end of the year, so maybe, just maybe, i'll be doing some different projects before too long. at least until its time for phase two.

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