Tuesday, October 11, 2016

wip tuesday

 my quilt life is so very small right now. a few times a week i snag some time to work away at the quilting of this penny patch 2.0, and that's about it. i'm aiming to complete 3 quilts before the end of this year: penny patch 2.0, my triangle indian blanket quilt, and (always) my son's wonky blue and orange quilt. all 3 of these quilts just need to be quilted and bound. that's it. but even with a full quarter left in the year, that's going to be a tall order.

i've begun to venture into the online quilting world again, stopping in at my instagram account and visiting some blogs occasionally. it gets me antsy to create and make something new once more. but for now, i'm going to have to be content plugging away at finishes.

and endlessly burying threads when not at the machine,
which is exactly what i was doing sunday after church. i'd like to say i sit around nicely dressed, handstitching on quilts regularly, but that wouldn't be true on either account.

my poor over-forty eyes are finally feeling the macular degeneration that comes with age and i have to take my work out into the sunlight to see those threads and tiny needle eyes. the blur of this photo matches what i see pretty well!

at least i've got my hands on fabric.
and quilts will be done soon-ish.

good enough!

happy quilting friends, from the slowest quilter on the planet.


  1. Good light make s a huge difference! I have an OttLite true daylight lamp which is nearly as good for fine work and great for true colour matching after sunset. Three finishes would be a marvellous accomplishment of the quarter - even one would be. You are doing a brilliant job of managing family and life's demands.

  2. Oh Girl ~ I hear ya on the old eyes. I have a pair of 'sewing' glasses on my sewing desk, by my bed, in my EPP kit, and in my hand-quilting kit. A good light is a must, too (I have one of those daylight lamps, too, though not an OTT - but it's occurred to me that one could just buy a daylight bulb and put it in a pretty lamp...
    Okay ~ so were these pictures taken on Sunday after church, or do you just always sit around looking so stylish?? :-) I am glad you are getting some sewing time in again. Man - I'd help you sew those bindings down if I could....
    Happy stitching when possible ~ Tracy

    1. i'll edit the post to note about the after church sewing! haha. definitely not my normal attire sewing or not.

  3. Glad to see your squeezing in some sewing time! You do look lovely stitching in your Sunday best, btw :)


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