Tuesday, September 29, 2015

quilting with the littles

 my family's annual girls weekend has come and gone again. like last year, i was in charge of the humanitarian project. and like last year, i brought along a quilt for everyone to piece together for project linus. in fact, it was the same quilt. we didn't get very far last year. but that's okay. this year the girls made enough blocks for two small quilt tops.

the first little quilters to join me in making were the youngest girls, aged 3 to 5. they all loved picking out the four fabrics for their four patch blocks.

 zipping them up on the machine was super easy, too. i either held the tiny quilter in my lap and let her put her hands on mine as we guided the fabric through, or i had her stand next to me and run the foot pedal. "drive! go!," i'd say when it was time to stitch. they were each so thrilled with their simple blocks when they came together.

 this baby thought she should wear her blocks.

 the middle group of girls, aged 7 to 11, were just as game as the younger crowd to get sewing. however, some of them were more hesitant with the sewing. one little blondie turtled her way through her block, then let out a huge sigh of relief. "that was the first time i ever sewed anything. it was scary!!!" i asked what she was afraid of and she said she was worried about "messing it up."  it reminded me of sitting in my first quilt class, sweating profusely, nearly shaking, wanting so badly to make a quilt but being terrified i wouldn't be able to do it. and i was a grown woman.

 the girls waited very patiently for each other to finish and some even came back for seconds, making more than two blocks each.

 this baby loved nothing more than selecting fabrics and sewing them together. she made about 6 blocks. her unique sewing stance totally worked, too.

quilt number one got laid out and mostly sewn together. i accidentally flipped some blocks and then had to rearrange nearly the whole rest of the layout. unpicking would have been easier!

i didn't pressure any of the older girls or moms to help us. they had other things to do. i thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the girls who wanted to participate and sharing in their enthusiasm. i proposed that we do this each year and that in the future we work on a quilt for a different family member each time so that eventually we will all have our own girls weekend quilt. they were all for the idea. me, too!


  1. Totally adorable! It does take some time and patience with the babies, but they bring such joy to activities. I love the pedal instructions.....and could only imagine what happens when you get a leadfoot. It would be interesting to see how many get infected with the sewing bug, you always remember these moments when you get older. The sewing stances may change....or not......but I bet we all pull a strange face when concentrating!!

  2. What a special day! These girls will always remember the quilting day. Lovely idea. Hugs

  3. What a pretty top! Love the colors. Go you for getting all the littles involved!

  4. It's such a great idea to involve the small ones in the creative process. I'm just thinking how would that be to try sewing when I was 5...

  5. Love the colours and it looks like everyone had a fun time!

  6. I think it's wonderful that you're taking the time to teach your five little girls to sew, to enjoy fabric, and to spend time with them. They will treasure these times.

  7. Future sew -ers of america. Sweet


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