Wednesday, January 7, 2015

as the year begins

my big fabric crush today is on this "antique flower" print from julia rothman's miscellany collection for cloud 9 fabrics
last year i had a lot of goals, ideas, and finishes to complete at the beginning of the year. this time around i'm just continuing to work on where i am. that means i need to get some gypsy wife blocks done, maybe look at the sugar block club again, and definitely get around to completing my boys' quilts. definitely that! it also means to keep at the two quilts on my design walls: penny patch 2.0 and the indian blanket.

new year's day i got penny patch 2.0 back in place on the wall and assembled more than half of it into rows, then remembered i had put it on the wall sideways! i could have more on the wall and less on the floor by turning it sideways when laying it out. i was simply supposed to remember to turn all the blocks when i started sewing it together. this means all the directional prints are now running across the quilt instead of up and down it. oh, goodness. i'm not even surprised by now when i make these sorts of mistakes. however, i should come up with a system for leaving myself notes of my intentions since my sewing time is sporadic and i so often forget what i meant to do.

so now i have lots and lots of text prints going sideways and birds flying the wrong direction. i either have to unpick all of it, increase the size so i can reorient the quilt, or just live with it completely sideways. options one and three aren't really feasible so i'm going to have to add a whole lot of squares. but i can't take that just now so today penny patch 2.0 went in time out until i can deal with it.

i saved my sanity with a another row of triangles for the indian blanket quilt instead! i think the first three rows are looking very nice together. the other row i made is slated for further down the quilt and doesn't look so great next to these two so i'm leaving it out of the photo.

i love these triangles. they are challenging yet quick and easy at the same time. i'm tempted to just do the whole quilt, but this is my breather project for when i need a break. i really, really need to make myself work on the wonky stacked coins quilt for s1. it's time that was done. i don't make a lot of rules for my quilting anymore, but getting a quilt completed for each kid before i do anymore other sewing has got to be a priority. so this afternoon it's back to navy and orange and strips. wish me luck and fortitude!

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  1. I like your working where I am attitude! You have so many pretty projects to work on. Sorry you sewed those rows sideways, totally something I would do too! It's hard to keep track. The triangles do look beautiful! I am working on a quilt for Joan but have a couple of commissions to get out of the way first. Then crack on with quilts for the other two! They already have some I made for them but they are growing like weeds so each need bigger ones. Looking forward to seeing your finishes :)

  2. I enjoyed reading your post today! We have a lot in common - I have to leave myself notes when I leave a project and come back to it or else I will forget what I was doing. Also, my goals for 2015 are pretty much the same as 2014 because I didn't do any of them!! Seriously, though, I love your blog and your great taste in fabrics. You have a real talent for choosing the prints and colors you put together!! Best wishes for a wonderful 2015!

  3. Oh golly! I'm so sorry your blocks are sideways. I am always doing something like that! Just today I had to unpick an entire row of 4" squares because I put them on upside down! Makes me feel like a dweeb when I do something so silly. I'm glad you have another project you can go to - that's a great idea.


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