Thursday, February 7, 2013

overdue wips

i've done more work than i've posted this winter. can't seem to both sew and blog about it. the sewing part definitely comes first. so here's my update on works in progress.

under construction:
i sewed the binding on "out on a limb" in the fall then didn't get around to working on the hand binding part until this week. our lovely desert winter weather is here again and i'm taking the little girls to the park while the older four go to art on tuesday mornings. i sat and sewed for over an hour while they explored nature. bliss.

but even without the binding completed this quilt has been on my family room couch and in use for months. it's been holding up just fine. i kind of liked the shabby look of all the strings on it. however, i am also giddy to see the binding neatened up as it gets completed, too. love this quilt and can't stop looking at it as i marvel that it's all my design, 100%!

my 6 and 1/2 dozen baby quilt is in the same condition as "limb" - binding machine sewn on one side but not tacked down on the other. still in use for the baby. she cuddles it sometimes, which warms my heart so much.

"taite" is sandwiched, but needs some repinning at the least, maybe an adjustment/fabric change to one section of the back. i'm not feeling it the way it is. but with it so close to completion i can let it rest for a while while i ruminate.

i've been making these easy and cute heart string garlands with the kids to decorate for valentine's this week. more on that later.

i don't even remember what else i post for stats on wip wednesdays!

completed: none

in the wings: my unnamed shabby class spinner quilt, all that other stuff i wanted to make and bought for ages ago

trips to the store: only one this whole month and that was to ETC just to work in open lab. didn't buy or even look at fabric. (but i did get a few scrapbook supplies for PL2013).

think that does me. i'm re-emerging from the scrapbook world i was lost in all january. trying to fit in some of both in my life because i really do like both so very much.

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