Wednesday, June 29, 2011

once apon a time

once upon a time i dabbled in quilting. i took a class or two with friends.eventually, i even braved designing my own quilt pattern.  it was a fun new hobby i was really enjoying. then i got pregnant and somehow the joy has flown. i'm hoping it's temporary and hormonal only.

yesterday i was visiting with my friend jill, who took one of those classes with me. she said she'd finally been able to download some pictures she took of our class. today i got them in an email. it made me all nostalgic for my long lost hobby.

 a shot of me and my chain pieced blocks. chain piecing is the best! so much faster than doing each bit separately. it does take some thought so you don't mix up blocks, but is not too complicated and definitely worth the extra bit of brain power you have to expend when using it. man, i really do like those heather bailey fabrics i picked for that quilt.

alas, that quilt top, minus its border, is still folded up laying on my neglected sewing table. the backing still needs to be planned out and assembled. my 8 year old daughter is now 9.  her birthday came and went without her promised quilt being completed. such a sad story, in a quilting-world kind of way.

jill also sent me a picture of her fabric selections for her quilt. she was brave enough (and savvy enough) to pick several fabrics from a variety of lines and manufacturers in her palette of lime green, pinks and reds, and turquoise blue. love it! her quilt is currently awaiting a little quilting on the border and its binding. she's several hours and steps ahead of me. can't wait to see it finished. that might be a little ways off too, though. not because jill's pregnant like me but because her kids are now home from school for the summer.

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  1. This too shall pass....meaning the pregnancy. You've got to be almost a 1/3 of the way by now, right?? :) Then you can quilt while he/she sleeps :)


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