Wednesday, May 18, 2011

wip wed #4

my big work in progress to report this week:

a pin cushion.

and that's really about the extent of my sewing life lately thanks to my other big work in progress (baby, 10 weeks down, 30 to go). i'm tired, sick on and off, and just not interested in doing more than look at sewing projects and rifling through my stash dreaming.

still, i am really liking heather bailey's fruit pincushions and hope to work my way up to one of her darling elephant pincushion patterns.

this little lady, effie, is about the cutest thing i could ever stick a pin in and i'm not even a huge elephant lover. but i have the goods to make her and the pattern, so i hope to get around to assembling her soon. once the fruit is done.

and once i finish "taite", which i promised my daughter would be done by her birthday, fast approaching.


  1. I love the elephant pin cushion, too! I've been wanting to make her!

  2. Been thinking of you. Hope all is well with the pregnancy, I totally get it!


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