Monday, October 22, 2012

something blue . . . but for a baby

i may not have been posting at all, but i have been sewing. jill and i have successfully reinstituted our friday morning sewing/quilting bees and i have been finding time elsewhere to sew, also. can't say i've been using those 10 minutes creativity a day exclusively for sewing, but i have squeezed out a few projects. i was determined to focus solely on the baby's quilt but as general conference neared and i knew i'd have 8 hours for handwork as i listened, i spent my friday morning readying more handwork. i got "out on a limb" to the point of binding sewn on (!!!) and completed 3 4sq blankets for edging, too. during conference i finished off a grand total of 1 4sq blanket. oh well. it's been nice to have the other pieces ready to work on at other times, too. here's the blanket i finished and delivered.
4sq baby blanket #15, another boy blanket for my friend becca. she was in love with those grey dots i used on my niece laynee's blanket so i hunted up some boy fabrics to go with it. it's definitely got a unique, funky vibe to it. i wasn't crazy about the robots and circuit board prints at first, but it certainly grew on me and i'm very happy with the results.
for the edging, i went with a dark grey for contrast, but rather wished i'd done blue or green. for a change, i did a very shallow stitch.
yep, definitely like those crazy bots after spending some time with them.
the other work done will have to wait for a wip post. maybe by then i'll have the half dozen quilt done, too.

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