Wednesday, May 4, 2011

wip wed #3

i've missed the last few wips whilst keeping up with quilting class last month. since quilt class is over and i am pregnant, i honestly have been less than enthused about sewing for the last two weeks or so. this week i have nothing new to report unless you count when i broke open and sorted through a jelly roll yesterday afternoon. i found myself actually wanting to make something, but not something too big (like working on my quilts) and pulled out the scraps from "out on a limb" intending to chain piece them for a doll quilt only to realize my machine still had pink thread in it and the neutral i needed was downstairs. i'm avoiding excessive or unnecessary stair climbing as much as possible these days, so i nixed that idea. then i took out a heather bailey pattern for some pin cushions but realized my entire sewing kit was also still downstairs and rather gave up. i have a jelly roll of just wing it by momo for moda that i'm thinking of making into a quilt with the same pattern i created for "out on a limb."  sorting through that didn't require any missing sewing tools so i tackled it. i took out the raisins and denim blues to brighten up the color palette. i have no idea what to do with them, so maybe i'll give them away once i decide exactly what i'm doing. i don't know what anyone else will do with them either, but that's their choice, not my worry.
"ins" so far
otherwise, here's my report since my last wip:

under construction: 
a whole lot of my house. changing out the carpets turned into "lets go ahead and do all those baseboards, molding, window casings, wall trim and shelving we wanted to do first." looks like this everywhere downstairs:

"out on a limb" - completed another 1/4 of the machine quilting, including the 30 minutes i spent sewing with the wrong color in the bobbin thread, which had to be redone with the right color

"taite" - top block rows completed; small inner border done unsatisfactorily, needs to be redone. still needs outer border, backing, binding

on hold:
"at last" still needs a ruffle (won't it always?)

trips to the store:
went to joann (anyone else have a hard time saying that without the "s" on the end, which really isn't actually part of the name?) easter weekend for the big button sale and some skirt material for my girls

been saving up and waiting for buttons to go on sale so i could stock up. love buttons!

in the mail:
got some pom pom de paris by french general for moda for some baby girl quilts for the voice teacher (and maybe myself)

in the wings (or stuff i have and would like to do eventually):
about a dozen quilts (nothing new other than baby girl quilt)
easter spring skirts for my girls
sweetwater yellow apron kit
"ladybug" from small stash sewing for the 4yr old
fresh picked fruit pincushions from heather bailey
"abbey tote" by v & co.

new projects: none (well, there is the pregnancy i guess)
completed: none
currently in progress: just two quilts? i think that's all i can count

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  1. I would LOVE if Aaron went on a whim and decided to re-floor the house and add crown-moulding! Jealous!


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