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eventually, i'll be sharing all my favorite craft and sewing books here.

as a book lover long before i was ever a fabric freak or sewer, i have quite a large selection of crafting, sewing, and quilting books. i tend to buy them a lot purely for the joy of reading them, even if the projects may not be my style.

my criteria for keeping such books are as follows:
  1. eye candy: good pictures, well-styled photo set-ups
  2. multiple perspectives of the quilt pattern, namely that (at some point) the entire quilt is shown laid out flat and/or a diagram of the quilt is included
  3. i want to see the back of quilts, too
  4. each stage of the quilt construction should be mentioned, from fabric selection through to the quilting choice shown. the more a book covers, the more points it gets.
  5. quilt bio - i love when an author talks about the thinking process behind the quilt, not just shares a pattern. how did they quilt come to be? why did they make it?
  6. at least 2 or 3 patterns that i might use in some way
  7. concepts that can be applied to my personal design and quilting process, not just straight patterns
if a book is strong in a couple of these or extremely strong in one, i will keep the book.

patchwork, please by ayumi takahashi
i've made the prettified pincushion.

quilt lovely by jen kingwell
read my review here and see my courthouse steps heart blocks from the "she loves you" pillow pattern

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